Growing into my newly-minted adulthood: a blog series (of sorts)

In an effort to get more comfortable with updating more frequently—and, really, with sharing more of my personal life—I’m setting myself up for a mini-challenge. While I completely flaked and didn’t even bother trying to participate in the Nester’s 31 day challenge, I realized I could make my own. Instead of 31 days, I’m taking it easy and going for once a week, for ten weeks: through the end of the year. To actually make it a decent challenge, I’m not counting book posts (either goal ones or Twitterature) or top-of-the-head life updates about coffee or quiche.

Part two of the challenge should be that posts that are mostly drafted don’t count, right? And I’ll go one step further and say that I have to make an effort to post those in good time as well.

As for a theme, I struggled to pinpoint one area that I want to consistently talk about (that isn’t books), but a list of things I wanted to but haven’t written about yet pointed me towards one of those ultra-cliche topics: growing up; being a newly-minted adult; independence and all that jazz.

Safety, commuting, professionalism and clothes, reading as an adult, hobbies, friendships, feminism, independence, church: all of these are deeply embedded into the whole shebang of figuring out how to do my adulthood & even personhood in these first couple of years.

So I’ll write about it. It’s time, and maybe I’ll keep figuring out more through the process


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