It’s Friday, I’m in love (with quiche)

Earlier this week, I made quiche for the first time.

It was pretty great; it tasted about like how a first-attempt should taste, but I’m a big fan of quiche, and that gave it a few extra points.

I was mostly surprised that quiche is not, in fact, a terribly hard thing to make.

Ready for a rabbit trail? Because I want to work out why I would not normally write those three sentences here.

One of the most bizarre things to me about blogging is the concept that every post doesn’t have to be a great concept, come from a prompt, be super well-crafted, be clever, etc etc etc.

You mean I could just write about my life? What even is this?!

But many of the blogs I follow do exactly that sometimes.

So, why not? I haven’t got a great rhythm here yet. And if I lose someone from reading by trying things out, it doesn’t affect me much, right? (I’m kidding, I love you, please keep reading, please?)


So, I moved! Alright, that’s not really news, seeing as I moved into my current apartment July 1st. But it was a sublease, and it caused plenty of anxiety over whether I could get (and if I wanted to get) a full lease.

Over the last couple of weeks, I had to jump through some really ridiculous hoops to get approved, but it’s finally settled now, and I’m good through next October. (I have no idea if I actually will, but I absolutely do not want to think about apartment hunting for a season or two.)

The most wonderful thing about this studio is location, location, location. Last year, it took me up to an hour and two forms of public transit every morning and every afternoon. I hated this, just a very little bit. My commute is half that now, and it’s just a straight shot bus from point A to point B. I’m also closer to… well, everyone and everything.

Including two different very tasty empanada places (which I will happily take anyone who wants to visit!). Conclusion: Lincoln Park is fantastic.

The one sort-of awful thing about this place? Also location. Specifically, it’s location five feet away from the next-building-over, and the resulting lack of natural light ever.

But once Chicago plunges into it’s yearly season of perpetual darkness, that won’t matter anyways! (I’m a little apprehensive about winter this year, if you can tell.)

But as for the apartment, it’s mine, and I like it well enough. I’ll try to get some pictures on here soon.

In the meantime, does anyone have quiche or frittata recipes to share?