About Me

At some point I worked out the perfect “about me” section—but only if that section was only a few hundred characters, and on something like Goodreads.

Bottom-third of the twenty somethings, Chicago-dweller, recent grad, publishing house drudge.

Short and sweet, right? Or short and snappy. Short and snazzy. Whatever it is, it’s short, and handles the big things.

But it doesn’t tell you much, does it? It tells you I’m between 20 and 24, my current location, education status (but tecnically not what level) and general work field.

But you won’t knowis that I’m 24 and I’ve lived here in Chicago for two years as an “adult” now, following a childhood in South Florida, and four years of college in Chicago as well. I’m not really a recent grad anymore—two years later, I should probably find something else today. And what I do is, I suppose, more complicated than drudging (whatever that actually means).


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