Small Goals for Spring

Hey hey, it’s goals time! Granted, it’s been nearly six months since I made the last ones, but that means I should be able to mark every single one off, right?


1. Go through all of my things and find order. For a while I honestly only poked at the junk I’ve carried between three apartments and occasionally threw a thing or two away. But in the past week I’ve been sorting through more boxes and baskets of random stuff, so I’m giving this a strikethrough on account of progress. It’s definitely not a done deal, and I won’t be a minimalist anytime soon, but progress!
2. Continue cooking, experimenting, and finding healthier eating habits. I’ve been buying produce, eating salad (sometimes), cooking a lot more, and generally choosing better things when I eat at home. We’ll see if it sticks.
3. Get out of this house more. I could have struck this out if I we were still in early February instead, because I was temping full time for six weeks at the beginning of the year. But I’m back to working from home again, and I could definitely stand to get out the house for at least a little while every day. Or at least almost every day.
4. Get used to reading more at home (instead of on public transit!) and finish some books. Despite the fact that in January and February I was either working full time or traveling, I can still see I’ve gotten better at this. Not completely, though: Hulu does have its siren call, after all. But I made 75 books in ’15 and so far have 18 for ’16!
5. Sew. This is nearly a 100% fail. I did hem one pair of pants when I wasn’t sure what the typical dress would be for my last temp job. Let’s just say I should have done them by hand, because my machine hemming on those… I’ll likely be redoing them. I’ll make this a goal again sometime, but I think I’ll ease up on my expectations for awhile.

So a blurry 3/5 isn’t bad, right? Now for the spring:

1. Do my taxes. Sadly, as a freelancer, I will not be getting a tax return, but will be paying instead. Still the sooner I do them, the sooner I can heal. ;)
2. Work out 5 days a week. This could very easily be considered a big goal at any other time–but I’ve actually done just that so far this month. I started using Daily Burn so that I can super easily chromecast workouts from my phone to the TV, and so far their Cardio Sculpt workouts have been pretty great. I’ve had some specific motivations to finally get healthier, so my (sort of) small goal is to keep that up for the rest of the month, and beyond.
3. Network more! I’m at a point in my career where, well, I need some new opportunities. So I recently became a board member of Chicago Women in Publishing and will be getting up the nerve to do lots of scary, scary networking!
4. Read my own books, specifically at least one of the potentially great nonfictions I have laying around. I have at least three that I’ve already started, so finishing one should probably happen.
5. Hang art on our walls. Most of our walls, including in my bedroom, are still sadly blank or tentatively decorated. It’s time!

We’ll see how I do on these between now and… well, anytime between two and six months from now!

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