Books, Lately [Fall]

pages of the book as a bird flying away
Welcome to Quick Lit! This is where I partake in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link-up and share short (sometimes) and sweet (cavities not included) reviews of what I’ve been reading lately.

Woops, it’s been a few months since I last did any book reviews. Aaaand that’s because I haven’t read many books to review! Moving and switching from having a commute to working at home both led to my reading plummeting. (Plus, I reread the entire Lunar Chronicles series in anticipation of the final book, Winter, and that didn’t help either!) So here’s a few of the books I’ve managed to read in the last couple of months anyway.



I was so happy to get this from my library relatively soon after it came out. I only knew of Day from a few things, mostly from Dollhouse, but I knew she was a nerd fan-favorite, and was watching her Youtube series within a few chapters. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) cemented celeb memoirs as some of my favorites, especially if they’re written as funny and intelligent as Day’s.


Mindy Kaling

By the time I was halfway through Kaling’s latest, I’d started and marathoned at least the first season of her show, The Mindy Project. What can I say? Reading or watching Mindy begets wanting to read or watch more Mindy.

On the other hand, I hardly remember anything from the book now, a few weeks later. So, nothing life changing, but definitly entertaining. I still prefered her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? That one, I may actually reread sometime. This one? Probably not.

SUICIDE SQUAD (Volumes 1-5)
Matt Kindt, Patrick Zircher, Andre Coelho, Scott Hanna

In the interest in keeping the spark alive in my friendship with my best friend from my home town, I read the first 5 volumes of the new suicide squad for her. She loves Harley Quinn, and now I do too.

These are definitely dark, it’s the Joker’s girlfriend and a team made up of criminals with do-this-or-die commands after all, but it’s dark fun, and I won’t complain if she keeps handing them to me to catch up whenever I visit home.


V.E. Schwab


Vicious  was delightful, enough that I immediately knew I would be gifting it to a friend who particularly likes villains (and already has one shout-out in this post). Vicious is what happens when a couple of hyper-smart young men learn of the existence of EOs (ExtraOrdinaries), people who have developed super powers, turn themselves into them, and then end up arch enemies. Vicious is what happens when there’s really no good guy involved, and if there is, it’s not who everyone thinks it is. And Vicious is what happens when the villain of the story finds himself having to save everyone.


What’s up next? Well, hopefully some reading will start happening again. ;)

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