That weekend, tho. (Tales of the very specifically Chicagoan version of an Irish holiday.)

So apparently when they turn the river green for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s actually pretty cool. I expected to be underwhelmed, but the only disappointment was the devatating lack of sun. People, if it’s going to be nine AM and it’s still March, just wear your coats. It’s not worth it to be cool.

Pun not intended, but completely left there on purpose.

Also not underwhelming? Out of town friends visiting for the weekend! I would likely have been incapable of dragigng myself out of bed for the river-dying and the parade, but I am so glad I did. Thank you, Kristi Joy :)
She also coaxed me into buying this bow. I have no regrets.

And then… It was Pi day! (Talk about enough good things in one day for a month… Or to tire you out for a month.)

This is pie. & this is how nerdy people (and pie-eating friends of nerdy people) celebrate March 14.

(And yes, we did take bites of pie at 9:26. 


And there was, completely unrelated to pie, but also a two year tradition, playing of cards against humanity: the card game for terrible people.

Then. Did you guys meet Monday? Spring! Real spring! The kind of spring that doesn’t require socks! (And then Tuesday was chilly. Can’t win them all this early in the year.)

Another result of a Kristi Joy visit: I’ve now discovered the Chicago cultural center. 

I may go back just for the ceilings.

And then she left: very disappointing. The actual St. Patrick’s Day tried to make up for it, but it had a hard time. Deciding to take a picture of most of my green books helped a little bit.

It really is the little things. The little, tiny, weird and kind of nerdy ones.

Not-green drinks at an Irish pub with live accordions and a folk band lent a hand too :)

Happy March!

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