Life, Currently // One (& a review)

I completely stole this format from Cassie over at Nose Stuck in a Book. She’s significantly less long-winded, so there’s a good chance you’d rather be reading her blog right now.

Time //  A super lazy Saturday night.

Reading // I’m in a bit of a lull after a ton of reading in January. Right now I’ve just finished the preview excerpt for A Darker Shade of Magic (from Netgalley), I’m still neglecting Bad Feminist (despite loving every bit so far), and occasionally I open Fairest. I’m looking forward to starting Damaged Goods soon, but I’ll probably need some fast fiction first.

A Darker Shade final for Irene

A Darker Shade of Magic // This is my first time receiving an ARC [advanced reader copy] through Netgalley, and I’m pretty excited about the possiblity of getting to read books in exchange for honest reviews A) before they come out and, of course, B) for free.

I was definitely disappointed when halfway through this preview I realized it was, in fact, a preview—because it’s quite good. ADSOM boasts a story of magic in London, but not just one—several Londons, referred to as Red London, White London, and Grey London (can you guess which one our world boasts? Yeah, it’s grey). Kell is one of the Antari, or Travelers, one of dwindling few who can cross between the worlds. While a long time ago the walls of the worlds were more open, now Travelers carry letters, and letters only, between the rulers of each London. Except Kell occasionally smuggles more. Oops. And may have just accidentally commited treason because of it. Double oops.

Then there’s Lila, a pocket-picking cut purse (who I love so far) who gets caught up in all of the things.

I find it hard to give a real review after an except, but perhaps it’s helpful to tell you that if I can get this off my library soon enough, I absolutely plan to finish it. Magic and multiple worlds is a favorite of mine, and I like both Kell and Lila.

Kudos, netgalley, kudos, for suckering me into a book I now have to acquire for myself to finish!

Listening to // The Dandy Warhols.

Watching // I just finished Veronica Mars, and it reminded me why getting so completely into something that I’m marathoning it is a terrible idea for my life. The plan was to avoid new shows for a bit and just keeping up with the likes of Suits, New Girl, BBT, Arrow, and Flash, but I just discovered Stargate is on Amazon Prime. So that’s happening now.

Loving // I’ve been using the company for a few months now, and I’m still in love with Twice. Twice is an online consignment store: all clothes are nice brands, in excellent condition, and anywhere between 50-90% off original price. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, and Twice lets me pay Ross-like prices for much nicer things.

If you sign up, do it with this link:, and you’ll get $10 credit. I believe you can also get another $10 for downloading the IOS app, and if you let me know, I can probably find you a 50% off first purchase coupon. Yes, that effectively makes your first $40 free.

Also loving: Arizona Rx Energy Tea, diffusing Young Living Thieves oil blend in the office (my cubicle neigbors’ favorite of anything I’ve diffused so far), Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans, and Milani lipstick (in Pretty Natural).

Working on // I’ve got a nice, big design project going right now—an admissions catalog for a school I do a good bit of work for—and having some continuous freelance work like this is lovely. However, I’m looking ahead right now at different ways to expand my freelancing options, both with design and editing. Some of it’s exciting, and some of it’s terrifying. Scratch that, it’s all a little terrifying.

Shopping // I’m resisting a lot of things shopping right now, because a studio can only hold so much (and I’m broke, whatever). So books? Resisting. Furniture? That’s funny, where would I put it?! Some new clothes for spring? Ok, I’m not resisting that one, but I’m trying to be smart, for the very good reason of being, well, a stereotypically broke 20-something.

One thing I am keeping an eye out for is some big, inexpensive wall art. I haven’t gotten my studio’s walls to a place I really love, and even though I could DIY something, I’m still looking.

Hobbying //  I added this category because my knitting has to fall somewhere, right? Right now I’m working up some ear-warmer headbands, and have multiple scarves-in-progress. I’m in serious considerations to attempt socks, starting with something chunky and fast.

…I didn’t promise this would be a very exciting  category, did I?

Photo Jan 20, 12 49 40 PMPhoto Dec 28, 3 45 03 PMPhoto Jan 11, 4 17 15 PM

Anticipating // I am really looking forward to some warm weather. I am desperate to wear skirts and dresses without tights, and to put away socks for awhile. I am also really looking forward to the release of Shadow Scale, the sequel to Seraphina, a beautifully written YA fantasy with really great dragons.

Because if I can’t have decent weather, I can at least have some decent dragons.

One thought on “Life, Currently // One (& a review)

  1. I stole this kind of post too! The Quirky Bookworm and Sophisticated Dorkiness does it.

    When you are reading to nerd out about Stargate, I will be ready with my flailing muppet arms!! Thieves is the greatest,right?!


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