Moving week!

Oh hey, it’s a few minutes after midnight, isn’t this a great time to write a blog?

Yes, yes it is.

Last week I posted a general update detailing (well, briefly) how I was about to move—and didn’t have a place to move into yet.

Well, good news!

That afternoon, the sublet with ridiculous income requirements I had applied to called and told me that, actually, since my co-signer was outside of Cook county (and their lawyers don’t like to go out of Cook county), they had decided to go with another applicant.

Wait, wasn’t this good news? 


I responded, “So get new lawyers!” No, no, actually I calmly (at least, outwardly) reminded her of another option I’d provided, and she went off to check on it and call me back.

She calls back: actually, since this was the 3-month sublet (and not a different 6-month one), I was fine. I got the place.

Should I be annoyed that they got my application mixed up with another listing and provided me with a half hour of pessimistic angst while I should have been working on, well, my job?

Nah. You see, these people didn’t even know the original renter was planning to sublease. She posted the apartment, showed it on Sunday, and sent interested applicants on their merry way to the realty groups office without ever telling them.

Which means whoever first looked at my application must have been mighty confused, and they still got back to me in pretty decent time.

The moral of the story: apartment hunting in Chicago is a grand pain in the rear.

The point of the story: I move Tuesday. (And my commute will be 40 minutes shorter both ways thereafter!)

I have officially packed almost nothing, due to some freelance proofreading work, the fact that until a couple of days ago I was still trying to actually get a place, and the fact that I went gallivanting off the to suburbs to waste time hanging out with family. (Family: the most effective time drain since Netflix, and yet we love them.)

Wait, did I just call family a time drain? When they’re about to help me move across the city? NO, NO I DIDN’T. I SWEAR. THEY’RE WONDERFUL.

… I’ll go now.



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