Six (un)secrets you’d know if you really knew me

One (Blog)After a  year out of college, I still sleep remarkably like a college student. The only thing holding me back from staying up till 3 is that I have to get up at six. (Midnight still happens far too often.)

Sometimes, like this past week, I can blame it on freelance design work. But even then, it still has a lot to do with a proclivity to be far more motivated at 10 pm than I am at, say, 6 or 7 pm. (Translation: deeply ingrained procrastination that I blame on college.)

Two (Blog)I actively dislike reading Jane Austen. This is for the very normal reason that I haven’t particularly enjoyed any of her novels (read: not getting past the first couple of chapters despite trying several of them multiple times). But it is ALSO because not-liking-Austen fooled me into thinking I didn’t like any “grown-up” books made me feel like there was something wrong with me as a reader, and I subsequently read very, very little for a few years. (Because  apparently classics are the only grown up books? It wasn’t something I’d actually thought through.) It took picking up a random bestseller at the airport bookstore to fix this.

I know this is not technically Jane Austen’s fault, and I fully intend to give her work another try in the future, but I’d really rather it be her fault than proof of my own ignorance.

Speaking of ignorance, I once asked my mother if I could use the top of the stove and the inside at the same time.

No, I will not tell you how old I was. All you need to know is I have since learned how to cook.

I have ridiculously delayed reactions to a lot of the kinds of things other people cry over immediately. This is most evident when someone moves away, and everyone else is crying right away and I’m not – until a week later when I fully realize that someone just moved away.

I’m terrible at routine. I just don’t have very many of them. Morning routines, evening routines, right after work routines. I don’t even take public transit the same way every day. I don’t know what it is about the way my brain works or my personality that keeps me from setting routines well, but it is a very big pain.

It is also why I keep my vitamins at my work desk: I would never take them otherwise.

SixI’m in the middle (or beginning or end) of six books right now, and it is consistently taking every bit of my willpower not to start more.

And if I started a seventh book within an hour of writing that, I would not tell you. I would also not tell you if I had been pleased to find that it is only a 100 page book, and therefore I am already 16% through it. I mean, if it were true, that is.



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