Just a lot of words to say that there are going to be more words about more things as time goes on

Two posts (but too many weeks) ago, I was going on and on about how I have to learn how to write about personal things here. On and on and on — although, lucky you, a lot of it was kept in my head.

Well, now you’re going to get me disagreeing with myself. (We’ll hope together than I continue to keep a lot of it in my head.)

I have no intention of maintaining a blog that essentially becomes my journal. I had a Xanga once, and looking back, let’s just not do that again. I also have a blogspot set on private that is there, just waiting for me, waiting for any angst-needing-to-be-typed that wells up once I get back into the habit of, well, typing at all. And I won’t bother you with the fact that so much of that blogspot was, in the past, about boys. SO MUCH. (Now it would probably be more like “post grad life is SO HARD”)

Ok, so 1. Going to write personal things. 2. Not just going to write personal things. 3. PROBLEM.

Problem explained: I don’t know about anything.

Really, nothing. I am an expert in very, very little. Let’s see.

I am an expert in:
1. Leading a student newspaper into a happy, semi-content state of mediocrity with very slight growth. (But that’s in my past, and everyone knows the past is meant to be left alone).
2. Reading lots and lots of terrible fiction, ignoring the entire genre of non-fiction, and never actually talking or writing about any of those books. I just keep moving. Like Dory, but with eyes instead of fins.
3. Knowing a very small amount about publishing. (I’ll bet you didn’t know one could be an expert at “knowing very small amounts,” but now you do. It’s me.)
4. Feeling overwhelmed by all of the things. (All they expect after you graduate is for you to immediately know how to be a fully-functioning full-fledged adult. (Except, that’s not true. Go to work, pay your rent, and everyone’s happy enough. Except for you. (Or you’re happy enough but still floundering because you aren’t totally sure how to keep your house clean.)))
5. Using parentheses.
6. The proper ways to use an ellipses. Or rather, diplomatically ordering your mother to stop incorrectly using SO MANY OF THEM.
7. Knowing very small amounts of things. I thought this should get it’s own mention.

See? Very little. That makes sense of course, I just finished college and supposedly NOW is when I’m actually supposed to start learning the real things. Which is unfortunate. Couldn’t high school have taught the important things? I did awesome at high school. I mean, academically. Socially, well, well, you know. Maybe we actually shouldn’t talk about high school.

Rabbit trails. Sorry. Except, rabbit trails imply there was a point to begin with. Was there?

Oh, yes. So I’m going to, theoretically, if I do this right, maybe, write about all of the things.

Even if the result is as convoluted as this what you just read.

4 thoughts on “Just a lot of words to say that there are going to be more words about more things as time goes on

  1. hehe. You’re an expert on many things. Like how to navigate the CTA. How not to die from Chicago’s cold while navigating the CTA. How to make a hundred-year-old apartment feel homey. And many more things. Now you just have to way to share them in a funny, entertaining way that people can relate to. :)


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