I have to be honest with you. I wish I didn’t; I wish I could take a few words to just tell you how excited I am to be graduating. I wish I could just tell you about the adventure I’m about to embark on. I wish I could just tell you that this transition is the best time of my life.

But I’d really rather just be honest.

So here’s what’s really going on. Sure, I’m excited to be graduating. I could regale you for hours on why I’m ready to be done with academia and start living post-grad life. But right now, that excitement doesn’t even take a backseat. Right now, that excitement is all the way back in the trunk – and fear is driving. Fear and anxiety are constant companions right now. I fight them, they return. I confide in close ones, who tell me I can do this, but then I lay awake at night unsure of how I’m going to both finish my Greek exegetical paper and find a job before May 19.

Stop. I wrote all of the above a week or two ago. And guess what? I’m still scared.

This post isn’t going anywhere in particular. I have nothing witty, nothing clever. I’m just respecting my own declaration that it’s time to blog again.

Maybe next week I’ll post something clever. AFTER my Greek exegetical paper is done.

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