Little changes

Do you want to know the biggest thing editing for a newspaper has changed in my life?

Are you sure?
You might not like it.


Here it is:

Wait. If you’re a grammar lover, you should sit.

*dramatic pause*


This is hard to finally admit.

Ok. Here it is, for real this time.

I don’t like the oxford comma anymore.

At all. I’m sorry.

It looks wrong. It feels wrong.
And it’s terribly illogical, except for a few occasions when it actually clarifies.
But most of the time? Unnecessary.

I’m sorry…

Hey! Why are you walking away from me?

We’re not friends anymore?


Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Little changes

  1. But…but… I like the oxford comma. Without it, it feels like you are rushing at the end of the list.
    No, I’m not walking away. I’ll just be sad for a moment.


  2. I’m not walking away, but that’s only because this was established early in our relationship, and I’ve already hated on you enough for it.

    [still, I’m sorry you’ve gone over to the dark side]


    • Did I ever tell you that when I first got this comment, I only glanced over the first handful of words, without noticing what post it had been made on, and it freaked me out for a split second? (See: “walking away…early in our relationship…hated…you…”) When I realized what I’d just done, I did laugh though.


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