To fill out my two posts for the week [and allow each of the five weeks mentioned here to be Monday–>Sunday deals] I decided to jump on a bandwagon I noticed awhile back. Every week, Lisa-Jo Baker hosts a weekly flash-mob blog link up where a topic is given, five minutes in allotted, and content is written with no nit picking, no editing, no worrying. Just five minutes and a post. Well, this is the topic from three weeks ago [link here]. I went back a few weeks because I may use the two more recent ones as well – these seem like good writing exercises to get me back in the habit of blogging.

So anyway. Here it is.


Topic: Enough

My to do lists every year, every summer, fill up and up and up. Projects, photo albums to fill, people to maintain relationships with, hobbies to succeed in. The hobby issue is the worst. I’ve tried to have too many hobbies in the past.

But I want to be in so many things. Involved in so many things, good at so many things. That I forget that I will stop being good at a few things if I try to be good at everything. That at some point, I’ll be good at nothing.

This is getting depressing. Not where I was going! My point is, I’m learning to cut back in the ways that matter. This summer we moved family, I worked and interned, I ran around Florida with a couple of friends. I didn’t knit, but I learned to cook a few things. I didn’t sew anything from scratch, but I learned a little bit of how to alter items. I didn’t write much, but I read tons. Those things I didn’t do? I have time to do them, but I don’t need to now. I can knit after college if I want. I can write this fall. Making clothes from scratch? Another summer.

Because not everything has to be in order. Not every photo needs to be in an album, but you might just have to pick one trip to tackle now. Leave the rest for another time and don’t worry about it.

I don’t have to do everything. And it can be enough.

This summer has been enough.



What do I do if I’d like to make a real post about this? Or is that the point of the exercise, sort of? Well anyways. To honor the integrity of the concept, I’ll leave it be.

Well, except for a few little things. I couldn’t help myself.


Five-Week Plan

I don’t really know what I’m doing with this blog right now. I’m tempted to try to make a regular thing of it. Blogging has always been an on-and-off pastime for me, but I’ve started following so many great lifestyle-type blogs lately that I’m so tempted. Tempted to claim that I’m going to do it, going to make something of my blog.

And then I realize how bad of an idea that probably is right now. Lately, my mind is a very disordered place. I’d blame it on summer, but that’s a farce. It’s been coming on for a while now, including most of the last school year. I’ve been improving though. After all, it IS almost back-to-school time, and there is NO way I can get through everything I have going this year with a disorganized mind or life.

That said, with everything coming up [a topic for a different post], with all the motivation I need to find for already existing endeavors, and with how time-consuming it’s all bound to be, I’d probably be setting myself up for failure if I decided to make my blog a priority as well.

Does that mean I can’t try to write more? Hardly. I NEED to write more. I like writing, when I actually do it. And I love writing, when I’m doing enough of it that it starts to feel natural again. [And I’m definitely going to need fodder for my biweekly column – blogging may help with ideas.] 

So what about a small goal? What if I say… two blogs a week? Trust me, that’s a massive commitment when you consider that I went June ’11 to about June ’12 without an update. But one of those two can be one of the “link-ups” I’ve been noticing on other blogs lately [High Five Friday, which I’ve done below, or Smell the Roses, which I intend to do soon]. By posting something easy and quick once a week, hopefully adding a more thoughtful post alongside will feel less demanding and stressful. 

To make it more concrete, it’s a goal for five weeks. I’ll make five weeks of 2+ posts a week, and reevaluate at the end. 

It might not happen. Or it might happen halfway. But I adore the glimpse of the blogging community that I get by just reading blogs and skimming comments, and I want to crack the door open just a little more by partaking a little. Is that a mixed metaphor? 

So here’s one of my posts for the week. If I do follow through, you can expect that most of them about this time of night, when I’m the most incoherent and ramble inclined. I apologies ahead of time.