Five-Week Plan

I don’t really know what I’m doing with this blog right now. I’m tempted to try to make a regular thing of it. Blogging has always been an on-and-off pastime for me, but I’ve started following so many great lifestyle-type blogs lately that I’m so tempted. Tempted to claim that I’m going to do it, going to make something of my blog.

And then I realize how bad of an idea that probably is right now. Lately, my mind is a very disordered place. I’d blame it on summer, but that’s a farce. It’s been coming on for a while now, including most of the last school year. I’ve been improving though. After all, it IS almost back-to-school time, and there is NO way I can get through everything I have going this year with a disorganized mind or life.

That said, with everything coming up [a topic for a different post], with all the motivation I need to find for already existing endeavors, and with how time-consuming it’s all bound to be, I’d probably be setting myself up for failure if I decided to make my blog a priority as well.

Does that mean I can’t try to write more? Hardly. I NEED to write more. I like writing, when I actually do it. And I love writing, when I’m doing enough of it that it starts to feel natural again. [And I’m definitely going to need fodder for my biweekly column – blogging may help with ideas.] 

So what about a small goal? What if I say… two blogs a week? Trust me, that’s a massive commitment when you consider that I went June ’11 to about June ’12 without an update. But one of those two can be one of the “link-ups” I’ve been noticing on other blogs lately [High Five Friday, which I’ve done below, or Smell the Roses, which I intend to do soon]. By posting something easy and quick once a week, hopefully adding a more thoughtful post alongside will feel less demanding and stressful. 

To make it more concrete, it’s a goal for five weeks. I’ll make five weeks of 2+ posts a week, and reevaluate at the end. 

It might not happen. Or it might happen halfway. But I adore the glimpse of the blogging community that I get by just reading blogs and skimming comments, and I want to crack the door open just a little more by partaking a little. Is that a mixed metaphor? 

So here’s one of my posts for the week. If I do follow through, you can expect that most of them about this time of night, when I’m the most incoherent and ramble inclined. I apologies ahead of time.


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