Five from Two

Someday I’m going to start writing original posts again. Someday! Or maybe I’ll just post my newspaper column here all semester and pretend that counts. Speaking of, eventually I may get around to posting my first column from May. Eventually.

Until that day, I’m going to keep pulling blog ideas out of the general, lovely, blogosphere. In this case, the same one as last time. here’s five of my faorite things from the past two weeks.

1. What summer’s all about – food from Publix, a nice long walk down the beach [three miles!], and a picnic on the jetty.

2. Short road trip to Stuart [only one hour away] with friends from here to visit my friend Chris doing his internship a a church up there. My second time seeing the fantastic movie Brave!

3. Baking! In my self-challenge this summer to learn how to cook, I’ve sadly kind of petered out on the cooking dinner for my family end of things. But I DID manage to tackle both cookies [oatmeal raisin] and biscuit [faux red lobster cheddar biscuits] this week! I don’t have a picture of my own biscuits, but my second batch [don’t even ask about the first] turned out just like the recipe image.

4. My mom and I have been out treasure hunting lately to redo her living room, and amidst the fun things we’ve picked up [and some that we’ve returned, I found the following little treasures of my own: the best animal statue I’ve ever seen [which I didn’t buy, pictured above] and a little orange dress [which I did]. I named the statue Giralephant.

5. Another Mommy and Me: We met up with a family friend and her daughter to plan a couple’s shower for her son and his fiance, and ate lunch at a little seafood restaurant with fantastic clam chowder – and I tried swordfish!

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