High Five Friday

High Five Friday: top five things from the past week. It’s a stolen idea from another blog – well, a few dozen blogs actually. Apparently it’s a trend. With all the blogging I do, you’d think I hardly needed an excuse to update, right? Eh, yeah, maybe I do. Here goes.







1. Since we delayed coming back from vacation till later this week, my first work day of the week was also my last! And to make it just right, it was a productive day as well.

2. I finally dove into the pile of clothes I had set aside to refashion or alter. I spent a good portion of the evening on the first button down I wanted to make smaller, and while I’m still not done, I’m happy with it so far. Hopefully the next piece will go faster when I either stop being so OCD about it, or actually get better at it. I’ve got plenty more waiting, and a sewing Pinterest board for ideas.

3. I spent all last week, weekend, and most of this week with the majority of my family, dad’s side. This means there were 12 people staying in my grandparets house on the fullest night, and 36 or so of us total! I was ready to come home when it was over, but it was fantastic while we were there. [So. Many. Children.]

3.5. More family time: Lunch at Culvers with my aunt Luann and sweet baby Jackson. Mmmmm.

4. Colored jeans. I bought them, I love them, I haven’t the foggiest of ideas of how to wear them. I’ve worn them anyways.

5. Fro yo and a three mile trek to the jetty north of Deerfield beach Thursday night – on very little sleep and a very tired body from traveling. If I hadn’t missed my friends so much, I might have killed them for that little walk. Mostly worth it though.

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