You’d think she would get tired of referencing ducks in everything, even summer ‘to do’ lists, right?

Oh, hey look, another list. Ok, maybe it’s a cop out, but when you realize you haven’t updated your blog since FEBRUARY and don’t feel any of the 20+drafts waiting for you, this happens. Another list. Enjoy. Or don’t, in which case I care about as much as I do about people killing ducks.

To Do, May 26 – August 15

Learn more Czech before July 25! I currently know how to say hello. That’s all. And I would love to get on that airplane knowing a bit more!

Read, read, read. This was on my new years list and I’m finally going to have time to DO it. I brought home about fifteen books from the library the first time – then 8 more two days later. And I plan to pay a little -how-do-you-do to my Dad’s usual used book store this Saturday. Points for working a job this summer where I can read during naptime!

Reorient myself wardrobe wise. With a decent paycheck coming soon (my working life this past semester was a bit of a washout) I want to frugally fix this I-hate-most-of-my-clothes syndrome. Word to note: frugally. 

Lose weight; be healthier; eat healthier; excercise. Hello, south beach phase one! I’m going to hate eggs in about the time it takes for Finn to change his mind on who he wants to pursue.

Write. Whether it’s here, my journal, my other secret blog, letters, or anything else I can come up with, I need to be writing more. It doesn’t matter if I can’t find it in me to be funny, or profound, or whatever other expectations I usually feel under. Just write.

Be useful. And I mean that for a few different areas: in our home, at work when I start, in Czech, in friends’ lives. Thought: this might mean less strife between my mother and I. A worthy goal!

Have a life. I need to divorce my incessant need to get as much sleep as inhumanely possible and start making plans. Yes, it takes time to recover from a semester. Yes, it takes sleep. Yes, I actually can contentedly stay in bed for fifteen hours at a time – until I get up and realize what a waste it was!

Make an impact! …Ok, maybe not. Mostly because if I was serious, I’m sure Karyn Hecht would find out and find a way to mark up this post in red pen!

Lastly, continue pursuing my year’s resolutions. I’ve got two Kranz movies down and one to go. I can’t make a snow man or ice skate till it gets cold again (indoor rinks will count partially) and exploring Chicago will have to be continued in the fall. However, numbers nine through thirteen in my New Years post are just as applicable tomorrow as they were three months ago and will be six months from now.

I could write something sappy and pseudo-profound here. In fact, I tried. It sounded ALLLL wrong for me. So all you get from me is this: I DO care about people killing ducks. It’s a horrible idea and no one should ever, ever do it.

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