If our computers were indeed sentient, they would have so, so many laughs at our expense before taking over.

WordPress has this one particular feature, a feature I have taken such advantage of that it’s become a downfall to my blogging habits.

The recent drafts box, on my homepage, is incredibly convenient, as is the “save draft” button. So convenient, in fact, that I currently have 24 drafts accumulated from only a couple months. Some are only possible topic questions, while other made it to several paragraphs. But none are close enough to finished to make me want to work on them. Ever.

It’s not as if I write serious posts. Well, I’ve posted a few, but they don’t seem to suit my blogging voice usually. I’m just not serious enough. Not on the web at least – in person, I’m consistently serious in every situation. It gets on people’s nerves, really. They just wish I would say something stupid once in a while, but I have a hard time complying. Cracking jokes, making fun of people? So not in my nature. I am very, very focused.

Random fact: If you know my roommate, you should ask her where the “Lakefront Trail Closed” sign in our room came from.

Where was I?

The abundance of drafts I have saved is a fairly clear contrast to the number of posts I actually…post (to me, at least. Writing for the paper has made me way more aware of editorializing. Even in my blog.). What has it been, two since Christmas? I mean, I really liked those two, but still. (“but still” is such a great little phrase. So great that I feel like it’s a cop out to use. But still!) (I also kind of hate using parentheses. Can you tell?)

So I thought, I need a blog post, and I need one tonight. Mostly because it is the longest lasting item currently still on my to do list, and you know how I feel about my to do lists (don’t you?). I decided I would use the random word generator to give me a topic for my post. I considered letting it give me a couple words, and doing something akin to what I did when Kt told me I should write on ramen, nail polish, drugs, and skyscrapers.

I had this plan, you see. And then I changed my mind. Why? Because when I clicked the handy button on my bookmarks bar for the RWG, the result, “Your random word is: Mass,” made me take pause and raise an eyebrow or three.

Did the internet just call me fat?!

One thought on “If our computers were indeed sentient, they would have so, so many laughs at our expense before taking over.

  1. First–I *thought* I subbed to you…but didn’t. Can we just blame this on the computers? The evil, plotting skynet computers? Okay, good.

    Moving on…I have so many blog drafts. Even when I write in Microsoft Word, which is usually what I do, I often save a blog half finished. I rarely return to them, but there are occasions where I’ll finsih something like that. (Short stories, however, are the exception. If I save a half-written draft, or even a paragraph, I will complete it. At some point. In the near future. *grin*)

    Also, parentheses? They’re awesome. I think I have a slight addiciton to them.

    Amusing post, my dear.


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