I’m coming to get you. Sincerely, SAD

I don’t entirely know what’s wrong with me. Lately, I’m either sad or glad, and for a while the sad has been coming around a bit too much, as a clingy boyfriend slowly destroying his relationship might.

I am a generally happy person, or so I supposed. I could blame SAD, but it’s hardly even fall now.

The past day or so has actually been better, so perhaps I ought to simply give it a few more days. I would love to blog more, and a better state of mind ought to be much more conducive to what I hoped for this blog to be.

Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps.

One thought on “I’m coming to get you. Sincerely, SAD

  1. Its a rollercoaster sometimes….the way we feel or the emotions in us when we ponder things that are happening or things that havent happened, and we make ourselves sad sometimes, in the way you described.

    Sometimes writing it out or even talking about it, unwinds the way we think sometimes and allows us to see what our dilemma is or something that is similar to a problem….life in general. Because thats what life is, us trying to fix things in our lives that makes us happier and takes that sadness away.

    And yeah writing should help you


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