Sometimes ridiculous things do happen.

Write a second blog within 24 hours of my first? That’s been unheard of since… since… since I used to actually keep a regularly updated blog.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

So ridiculous, I’m considering calling it a night and quitting now.

But I’m not a quitter! A serial procrastinator, yes, a good one at that. But a quitter? Oh, never. At least not today. And by today, I mean the two hours of today that have actually passed. I may have to become a quitter later in the day, if my attention span cannot manage something.

Does it count as quitting if I don’t even realize I have quit something? For example, I’ll be at work, separating paper doilies, and all of a sudden, I’m rearranging bagels, and never go back to the doilies.

Actually, bad example, because I’ve taken a weird liking to separating doilies. We need about 10 a night for the next day’s display, and I normally do about 30. I prefer that to actually putting them out at the end of the night, because I can never get the hang of the bakery schematic before either I switch to a different store (Florida vs. Chicago) or they change it, like they did last week.

To be honest, I prefer the store in Florida. We keep things in places that make sense there. Here, our storage is all amok.

I really like decent storage. I could talk about the storage in my room… but I think I made my point about my attention span by now.

So is it really quitting if my bored subconscious is to blame? I say no. And to be  honest, I’m getting this crazy feeling from my subconscious right now that boredom is setting in, and any moment now I might get distracted and start doing something else. However, it would be way too cheesy for me to demonstrate by just breaking off the senten

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