Life, Currently // One (& a review)

I completely stole this format from Cassie over at Nose Stuck in a Book. She’s significantly less long-winded, so there’s a good chance you’d rather be reading her blog right now. Time //  A super lazy Saturday night. Reading // I’m in a bit of […]

Books, Lately [January]

Welcome to Quick Lit! This is where I partake in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link-up and share short (sometimes) and sweet (cavities not included) reviews of what I’ve been reading lately. So let’s talk about how I obsessively read ten books in 31 days, which is likely a new […]

5 things saving me this winter

For the first 18 winters of my life, “winter” was the few weeks my family spent in the Chicago suburbs every year. During of the rest of December through February, “cold” was 60° and “bitter cold” was maybe 45°. Even in college, despite the months of horribleness, […]

The Art of Adulting: Getting from point A to point B

This is part of my slow-updating Newly-Minted Adult series. I’d write more about this kind of thing if it wasn’t just so much easier to write about books. I don’t get lost very often. I imagine this fact will be surprising to my parents for the rest of […]

Quick Lit [December]

Welcome to Quick Lit! This is where I partake in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link-up and share short (sometimes) and sweet (the cavity-giving kind) reviews of what I’ve been reading lately. I hit a bit of a lethargy in the last quarter of the year towards reading, but picked up right […]

Favorite Books of 2014

If I ever doubted that I really, really, just really like reading, I don’t anymore. 2014 was a lot of fun for me, books wise. I finally managed to edge in a decent amount of non-fiction (probably just under a third of all of it, by […]

Books, Lately [November]

I’ve finished two books since October 1st. Oops. (And one of those was a proofreading job—but if I say it counts, it counts!) Before that, I was pushing to meet my year goal early—and I did!—and I think once I did that and the external motivation was […]

The Art of Adulting: Flowers

This is the first post in my Newly-Minted Adult series, and you could easily misinterpret this as a rather silly topic. But details are important, and this is one of mine, no matter how meandering they happen to be this time. I began buying myself flowers sometime […]

Apartment, Lately

So somewhat recently I moved into this cute apartment in Lincoln Park. Except, it’s mostly only cute because it’s small, and theoretically small things are inherently cute. Theoretically. That sounds a big pessimistic. I know. But some days I look around and lament the lack […]

Growing into my newly-minted adulthood: a blog series (of sorts)

In an effort to get more comfortable with updating more frequently—and, really, with sharing more of my personal life—I’m setting myself up for a mini-challenge. While I completely flaked and didn’t even bother trying to participate in the Nester’s 31 day challenge, I realized I […]