Growing into my newly-minted adulthood: a blog series (of sorts)

In an effort to get more comfortable with updating more frequently—and, really, with sharing more of my personal life—I’m setting myself up for a mini-challenge. While I completely flaked and didn’t even bother trying to participate in the Nester’s 31 day challenge, I realized I […]

Dear Monday: Go home. You’re drunk on coffee.

It’s Monday and this morning I drank coffee. (Yes, I understand for most of you this is a normal thing, part of your routine, and possibly even part of your very identity. You’ll just have to trust me that this was an unusual thing to have happen […]

[Autumn Reading] Why I have to force myself to read the books I already own

My summer reading was technically a bust—but only IF we grade me by how many of the 12 planned books actually got read. So let’s not grade me by that, eh? The Interestings || Meg Wolitzer Froi of the Exiles || Melina Marchetta Garlic and […]

It’s Friday, I’m in love (with quiche)

Earlier this week, I made quiche for the first time. It was pretty great; it tasted about like how a first-attempt should taste, but I’m a big fan of quiche, and that gave it a few extra points. I was mostly surprised that quiche is not, in fact, […]

Losing a “smart” identity (when you weren’t looking)

Five years ago, I got to college and realized I no longer liked academics all that much. Which was, when I realized it, slightly alarming. I was supposed to be a good student, an honor student, an academic. I was smart, I was supposed to […]

Design Essential Oils Graphics (and working with family)

If you’ve come here searching for oils graphics, please let me know if you find what you need–or if you don’t! I would love to design something for you, so comment or email me at jennapirrie@gmail.com for more info. Have I mentioned that I’ve developed […]

A few reasons why college was not, in fact, necessarily easier than the real world.

  Happy birthday, Dad. (I’ll get you something nice to make up for this post!)   For years, every single time I bemoaned struggles with school in front of him, I received some variation of this: “Yes, and the real world is soooo much easier.” […]

Moving week!

Oh hey, it’s a few minutes after midnight, isn’t this a great time to write a blog? Yes, yes it is. Last week I posted a general update detailing (well, briefly) how I was about to move—and didn’t have a place to move into yet. […]

A post to keep you posted

Ok, blog update, here it is. I’m moving across the city next week. Oh, where to?, you ask. Well, see, that’s a funny story! Because I actually don’t know yet. But it’s next week! Uh huh. I’d tell you the story, but the story is […]

Warning: Cliche post-graduation topics may occur in near future

“I graduated 365-something days ago; Twelve months ago, I walked across the Moody church stage; One year ago, I finished my last finals.” Sound familiar? Yes, every single person I graduated with is probably saying versions of these things right about now, just as the 2012 […]