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Life, Currently // One (& a review)

I completely stole this format from Cassie over at Nose Stuck in a Book. She’s significantly less long-winded, so there’s a good chance you’d rather be reading her blog right now. Time //  A super lazy Saturday night. Reading // I’m in a bit of […]

Books, Lately [January]

Welcome to Quick Lit! This is where I partake in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link-up and share short (sometimes) and sweet (cavities not included) reviews of what I’ve been reading lately. So let’s talk about how I obsessively read ten books in 31 days, which is likely a new […]

Quick Lit [December]

Welcome to Quick Lit! This is where I partake in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link-up and share short (sometimes) and sweet (the cavity-giving kind) reviews of what I’ve been reading lately. I hit a bit of a lethargy in the last quarter of the year towards reading, but picked up right […]

Favorite Books of 2014

If I ever doubted that I really, really, just really like reading, I don’t anymore. 2014 was a lot of fun for me, books wise. I finally managed to edge in a decent amount of non-fiction (probably just under a third of all of it, by […]

Books, Lately [November]

I’ve finished two books since October 1st. Oops. (And one of those was a proofreading job—but if I say it counts, it counts!) Before that, I was pushing to meet my year goal early—and I did!—and I think once I did that and the external motivation was […]

Reading, Lately [September]

The list below gives evidence of A) September simply being an inexplicably good month of reading; and B) my nerdish desire to make my Goodreads reading challenge in exactly 3/4 of the year, once I realized it was a viable possibility. (And I did, in fact, […]

Books, Lately

It would seem I’ve taken a break from all things non-fiction, but I swear it’s only half true. And thank goodness, because that was my biggest, main-est reading resolution for this year: to read more non-fiction. While there’s none of it here, I’ve been slowing […]

Books, books, books: July

Oh hey, book talk time. So if you don’t really like reading about the books other people are reading… then I’m not sure why you’re here anyways. Books, guys. Like the lifeblood of my soul. Errr. And on that note, here’s some short and sweet […]

What I’ve read so far this summer

Happy summer! It’s the middle of July now, and I’m finishing and in the middle of a few of the books from my Late Summer To-Read list. But in the meantime, here’s what are (supposed to be) tweet length reviews of June: YA, heavier chick-lit, […]

Short May Book Reviews

I failed. I had this great plan, where I was going to start respecting the concept of short-style reviews (Modern Mrs. Darcy’s “Twitterature”), start actually keeping these brief reviews down to a brief length. I would embrace brevity, and along with embracing brevity, I would […]