Month: June 2014

A few reasons why college was not, in fact, necessarily easier than the real world.

  Happy birthday, Dad. (I’ll get you something nice to make up for this post!)   For years, every single time I bemoaned struggles with school in front of him, I received some variation of this: “Yes, and the real world is soooo much easier.” […]

Moving week!

Oh hey, it’s a few minutes after midnight, isn’t this a great time to write a blog? Yes, yes it is. Last week I posted a general update detailing (well, briefly) how I was about to move—and didn’t have a place to move into yet. […]

A post to keep you posted

Ok, blog update, here it is.

I’m moving across the city next week.

Oh, where to?, you ask.

Well, see, that’s a funny story! Because I actually don’t know yet.

But it’s next week!

Uh huh.

I’d tell you the story, but the story is complicated and has many, many possible rabbit trails that I would make you suffer through. Additionally, I’m very hopeful to get a call this afternoon letting me know if I have the studio I applied for — so it would be awfully silly to take the time when the story might change for the good any moment now.

Or it might change for the worse, and then that will just be sad.

Suffice it to say, I’m moving very, very soon, and in the midst of all of it, I’ve had multiple freelance deadlines.

And you’re going to very kindly pretend with me that my current extra-stressed-month is a perfectly good excuse for a blog lull that has lasted… a little longer than that.

But you were just starting to blog regularly, and a lull already just means you’re a failu–

Sorry, that one wasn’t you, was it? Fairly certain that was one of the more obnoxious voices in my head.

So I’m going to bid you goodbye, get back to work, and call the realty group shortly hoping for some good news.

And that concludes today’s blog update.


Short May Book Reviews

I failed. I had this great plan, where I was going to start respecting the concept of short-style reviews (Modern Mrs. Darcy’s “Twitterature”), start actually keeping these brief reviews down to a brief length. I would embrace brevity, and along with embracing brevity, I would […]