Month: April 2014

Twitterature: January & February

Since I committed myself to getting a blog moving again, rough starts and breaks and all, I’ve been unsure how to go about the “book blog” aspect of the thing. And now it’s nearly May and I’ve only written about two of the books I’ve read this […]

Amateur design, brave new worlds, & a sad lack of soma-induced holidays

Alright, so I said I’d write about things I know about. And then pretty much gave you the exhaustive list of things I know about. If you missed that one, here’s a hint: It wasn’t very long. But since the furthest I’ve managed to get in categorizing […]

A Few of My Favorite Things || An Ode to Goodreads

To celebrate it being morning (what? Just go with it.) here’s a really egocentric blog post of things I like. Which was somewhat (or completely) spurred on by how much I love…

1. Goodreads.

I click on Goodreads multiple times day.
Most of those times, I don’t go past the first page,
because most of those times, I don’t actually have anything to do on it.
But I keep doing it anyways.
And every time, my heart swells just a little and whispers,
I love Goodreads.
If I tweeted everytime I thought about loving Goodreads,
no one would follow me anymore.
It’s bad.

Sometimes I open my currently reading,
2014 books,
or to read lists
and just appreciate all the covers for a bit.

…It’s bad.


2. Silver white winters that melt into spring

This is as opposed to Chiberia winters that melt into… another snowstorm. Then melt into… another one. And then rain on a cold Monday. And on, and on, ad nauseum.


(Someone should remind me of this when I’m complaining about my ACs inability to keep up this summer.)


3. Gummy Vitamins

Because there is absolutely no way I would be taking vitamins everyday if it didn’t feel like eating candy at my desk.


4. Books

You might have actually assumed this one earlier.


5. Mondays


Alright, well clearly it’s genuine writer’s block when I can’t think of anything else I like — or maybe it’s just I can’t think of anything else I like that I can also be clever about. Maybe it’s just genuine pride issues. Either way, it’s Monday, and Monday is being particularly stereo typical today: rain, cold, dull projects, minimal sleep due to an extreme late wake up yesterday, and deadlines all week, both in office and freelance.

And yet, I’m feeling weirdly awake and vaguely positive. I’m not really sure what’s gotten into me, but at least we know it’s not good nutrition or anything crazy like that (unless Cheesie’s is working miracles with their seemingly unhealthy wonderful sandwiches).

Either way, good morning Monday. Have a good day, or at least try not to punch anyone.

You can do that tomorrow when you realize it isn’t Friday yet.


When I was a child…

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up and be… Whatever I thought I could do better than the person doing it at that moment. Ok. That’s a slight exaggeration — and makes me sound like a weirdly arrogant kid –, but while […]

“Noah” & the beautiful complexity of Biblical humanity

Note: Originally, the shortest title I got for this was the too-long “Noah: And how the movie lends to understanding of the complexity of the Bible’s actual human characters.” But long titles look terrible with my current blog template, and I’m not quite ridiculous enough to wait to post […]