It’s time to make some changes around here. I’m not sure if these are true resolutions, in the “New Years” sense, because I have been moving towards them for a while now. Regardless, my culture does this silly little thing every new year and I figured I ought to understand my culture better! (Actually, I just made that up. Really, I just have no sense of individuality and can’t help following the crowd. Shiny.)

Anyways, the reason matters little. Here are my new year resolutions for 2011.

1. I resolve to read more. You see, when I was a child I was most punished for reading too much. A parent’s dream, yes? No. Apparently I should have been sleeping. Recently, I’ve realized how little I read now and how it has affected me. I want to sharpen my mind. I am well aware that education happens outside the classroom, and so much of it can be derived from the written word. And so, I will read. I will force myself to read until it becomes an addictive habit again, as it once was. And then I will read till I die.

2. I resolve to get better sleep, so that I will have longer to read before my aforementioned death. This would also tie in with an “improve academically” resolution, which I feel is far, far too vague to make into an actual resolution.

3. I resolve to sleep less in CWC. If this means I sit in the front with my teacher’s pet roommate, then so mote it be. I am also planning in taking more notes (gasp) which should help.

4. I resolve to watch at least three movies with Fran Kranz in them. Because I think I have a geek crush – this is the man who was Topher Brink on Dollhouse. “You, Topher, were chosen [to work here] because you had no morals.” And apparently he was in The Village, which I remember loving.

4b. I resolve to finish Stargate. SG-1 at least, and perhaps the others.

5. I resolve to make a snow man. An entire year gives me both winters to accomplish this. If anyone wants to help, let me know.

6. I resolve to go ice skating. Should this be 5b?

7. I resolve to explore Chicago extensively. Come with me?

8. I resolve to write more. (If you give me a blog topic, I may use it. I dare you.)

9. I resolve to love God more, and in doing so, grow closer to being who I am meant to be.

10. I resolve to be content with my relational status regardless of what it is. I also resolve to (try to) not make a fool out of myself in such matters anymore.

11. I resolve to hug more, and be chastised for it less.

12. I resolve to talk less and listen more. Which, incidentally, is something I have been working on already. Successful? That remains to be seen. And because I am very partial to the number 13…

13. I resolve to take care of myself. Because while there are people in my life who try to, except for the Lord I am the only one who can fully do that.

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