Month: November 2010

How many people can you fit into one person? No, this is not a theological debate on the trinity.

Who I am today is not necessarily who I will be tomorrow. You really ought to just get used to that. Granted, the intrinsic basics of my character and personality may not change quite that swiftly, but know this: if anyone has met me in […]

A prayer.

Jesus, I broke. Fix? -Me

I’m coming to get you. Sincerely, SAD

I don’t entirely know what’s wrong with me. Lately, I’m either sad or glad, and for a while the sad has been coming around a bit too much, as a clingy boyfriend slowly destroying his relationship might.

I am a generally happy person, or so I supposed. I could blame SAD, but it’s hardly even fall now.

The past day or so has actually been better, so perhaps I ought to simply give it a few more days. I would love to blog more, and a better state of mind ought to be much more conducive to what I hoped for this blog to be.

Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps.